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Watch us smash planets together for fun and profit

What would it be like to rip a planet from its orbit and send it hurtling towards another? How effective of a force multiplier would Kirsten Dunst be in that situation? These questions and more are answered during Polygon's Overview of the new real-time strategy game, Planetary Annihilation.

Last Friday Uber Entertainment, makers of Monday Night Combat, released its latest title. After a $2.2 million Kickstarter closed almost exactly 2 years ago, PA is finally out on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux. And its pedigree is pretty sweet. The the team behind it even contains members of Gas Powered Games, the folks behind the RTS classic Supreme Commander.

PA focuses on a commander unit, which serves as headquarters as well as one of the more powerful offensive units on the map. Lose your commander and lose the war. Gameplay includes online multiplayer, as well as single-player skirmish modes that feel a little bit like an RTS meets a rogue-like.

Griffin McElroy and Charlie Hall each got some hands on time with it this week. Sit back and relax while we detonate several megatons of 3D-printed ordinance.

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