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Here's an iPhone 6 Plus cutout next to a Vita and 3DS

Feast on this visual data

Are you the sort of person that likes comparing the sizes of things, but doesn't have a head for numbers? Boy howdy, have we got a post for you. Below you'll find a picture of a cutout of the 6.22 by 3.06 inches iPhone 6 Plus (courtesy of Apple Insider) next to a 7.2 by 3.3 inches PS Vita. We invite you to compare their sizes and then then allow your lizard brain to meditate on that raw visual data.

Still not sated? Well, how about a picture of an iPhone 6 Plus cutout next to a 6.14 by 3.66 inches Nintendo 3DS XL? That's a situation we could arrange for you.


Which will be better for actually playing video games? Irrelevant! Sure, at least one developer has expressed concern about gaming on the iPhone 6 Plus, but that's really a distraction from the pure, unfiltered spacial comparison some of us are trying to enjoy.

Oh and OK, fine, here's a dog too.


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