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The studio known for awkward touching is making a game about controlling the sea

Dutch studio Game Oven announced today that its next project is Jelly Reef, a mobile game where players take on the role of the ocean.

In Jelly Reef, players will guide jellyfish through the water world by swiping the screen to change the sea currents. By controlling the flow of the sea, players help the jellyfish avoid enemies and obstacles, while also grouping jellies together so they can collect jelly eggs, which will hatch into newborn jellyfish. The game focuses on controlling the elements rather than the characters.

Jelly Reef is expected to launch on Windows Phone later this year, with iOS and Android versions coming in 2015.

Game Oven released its ballet-inspired mobile dancing game this year, Bounden, and has also worked on games like Fingle and Friendstrap, all of which inspire awkward in-person interactions with other people.

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