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Take a look at Disney's bizarre first attempt at a Roger Rabbit film

Who Framed Roger Rabbit was an amazing, often disturbing film from 1988. Based on Gary K. Wolf's novel Who Censored Roger Rabbit, it introduced a world where animated characters were just working stiffs like the rest of us, and used that world as a springboard for a murder mystery. If you've never seen it, make some plans this weekend.

The film we saw was actually the second time Disney tried to run that source material into a film. The first try happened in the early '80s, and some rare footage of that attempt, complete with a much more conniving Jessica Rabbit and a version of Roger that was voiced by Paul Reubens, has recently been uploaded to YouTube.

Take a look, this would have been a vastly different film.

The footage aired on a 1983 show called "Disney Studio Showcase," and was then largely forgotten until it was found and re-released by "TheThiefArchive" YouTube channel. They also provided a bit of context for the footage.

"While Roger was a villain in the book, trying to solve his own murder, this Roger is a loveable goofball in white fur and red overalls — a prototype for the final film," the page states. "Baby Herman is glimpsed only briefly, and Jessica Rabbit appears to be the villain of the piece. Still, this version clearly laid some groundwork for the Zemeckis/Williams production a few years later."

One more Easter Egg! "The prototype Roger Rabbit appears cheering in the stands in the featurette 'Sport Goofy in Soccermania.'"

This is an interesting look at what could have been.

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