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Leeroy Jenkins, Starving Buzzard to be nerfed in upcoming Hearthstone update

Blizzard has announced some changes to two cards that will be coming to Hearthstone in a future patch, and it looks like the utility of Leeroy Jenkins and Starving Buzzard will be decreased. This is the specific update:

  • Leeroy Jenkins now costs 5 (up from 4)
  • Starving Buzzard now costs 5 (up from 2) and now has 3 Attack and 2 Health (up from 2 Attack and 1 Health)

The reasoning, according to the official blog post? The cards as used just weren't that fun.

"Leeroy Jenkins created a strategy that revolved around trying to defeat your opponent in one turn without requiring any cards on the board. Fighting for board control and battles between minions make an overall game of Hearthstone more fun and compelling, but taking 20+ damage in one turn is not particularly fun or interactive," the post stated. "This was occurring when Leeroy was used in combination with other cards like Power Overwhelming, Faceless Manipulator, Cold Blood, Shadowstep, and Unleash the Hounds, among others."

"The amount of cards Starving Buzzard allowed Hunter players to draw ultimately ended up being too excessive for its low cost," the post continued. "This change will allow the Hunter’s opponent more time to react to both the Starving Buzzard and the cards drawn by its power."

The changes will be made on Sept. 22, and you'll be able to disenchant both cards for their full cards for a brief time after the update is made.

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