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Gauntlet invents new and exciting ways to make your friends hate you so much

Admit it: The reason you play Gauntlet isn't to take down dungeons with an adventuring party. It's because you want to deprive your friends of meat, right when they need it the most.

The good news is that Gauntlet, the upcoming remake from the team of renowned griefing-genre innovators at Arrowhead Game Studios, allows you to do just that in all kinds of new and exciting ways. There's more strategy to playing the game's four classes, which makes big fights more thoughtful, and makes food-obliterating more enjoyable. You haven't lived until you've thrown your mighty shield, Cap'n A-style, into a leg of mutton that your Elf teammate had just finished seasoning. It is a delight, every time — as evidenced by the Overview video above.

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