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Harmonix has plans to make more mobile games

The music game gurus at Harmonix have plans to expand the company's portfolio of mobile titles under a new partnership with with production consultant company Tilting Point, it was announced today.

Harmonix will take the lead on development while Tilting Point will provide support with product management, monetization, marketing, PR, customer support and other operations. Harmonix has already begun working on the first title within the collaboration, a musical title designed specifically for mobile platforms.

Tilting Point, founded by industry veterans including former leaders of the EA Partners program, announced in March 2013 that it would invest $40 million in mobile and tablet games from independent developers over the next three years. Harmonix is the latest to join this endeavor, following Leo's Fortune developers 1337 and Senri, Signal Studios and Uber Entertainment.

"We've known the guys at Tilting Point for years through EA Partners, and recently we began exploring ideas for games we'd like to work on together," said Harmonix co-founder and chief creative officer Alex Rigopulos. "Tilting Point has been instrumental in helping us to hone those ideas and to identify the ones that fit best with the mobile market. We've known for a long time that we needed a partner to help us succeed on mobile, and Tilting Point simply has the best offering for developers, providing the tools, talent, and experience to turn our ideas into hit games."

"Harmonix has been a leader in music games for over a decade now and they are one of the most innovative game creators in this business," added Tilting Point executive chairman Tom Frisina. "From Amplitude to Rock Band to Dance Central and Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved, these guys have proven time and again their ability to create massive hits. There is a huge opportunity on mobile to create the next big hit in music games and Harmonix is ideally suited to take advantage of that opportunity."

Harmonix is slated to launch Fantasia: Music Evolved and shoot em up A City Sleeps next month, while the Kickstarter-funded new Amplitude is still in development. The company released its first mobile game Record Run this past spring.

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