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Some Super Smash Bros 3DS players are smashing their Circle Pads

Warning: images in this post contain potential spoilers for Super Smash Bros. 3DS' secret characters.

It appears that the action of Super Smash Bros. 3DS is too intense for Nintendo's 3DS handheld.

A number of people are reporting — with photographic evidence — that the slide pads of their 3DS systems are falling off after playing Super Smash Bros. 3DS too hard. The news is coming primarily out of Japan, where the game has been available since the weekend.

For the most part, the slide pads appear to be coming off entirely, though there are some images of partially destroyed pads and handhelds with sad, busted nubs.

There's no word from Nintendo yet on the busted systems, or what players should do if they happen to break their 3DS through sheer force of will during Smash Bros. sessions.

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