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Watch the first Destiny raid event, Vault of Glass, right here

Update: Almost immediately after publish, Bungie tweeted the following news:

It took a coordinated Destiny clan — they have those already — nearly 12 hours of coordinated effort to overcome the challenge, to put the effort into scale.

Original: One week from its release, Bungie enabled the first raid event in Destiny early this morning. Targeted for level 26 or above players, the so-called Vault of Glass is designed to test the skill and patience of anyone willing to try it.

Some catches: There is no matchmaking. You'll need to find five other level 26 players and coordinate a time to attempt the raid. Bungie warns that it's "very likely that you will not finish the raid in one sitting," meaning you'll need to coordinate a second (or third?) time to enter the fray with your friends. Unless you yourself were the Fireteam leader the first time around, you'll want to make sure you choose the same crew.

"Your Fireteam leader is crucial to your eventual potential success," Bungie notes. "Your progress will be saved for one week. To resume your mission where you left off, you’ll need to follow the same Fireteam leader back into battle."

The Vault of Glass has been open for about 10 hours and, thus far, nobody has managed to finish it. Bungie's Twitter account noted this morning that it's "monitoring all raid challengers."

If you're looking for more tips on how to get through the raid, some users on Reddit's Destiny subreddit share what they know. DoubleBlindStudy has 30+ bullet points and links to EndlessNerd, who has some observations on what appears to be the final step.

If you're not at level 26 just yet and want to watch people who are probably way better at video games than you are, we've embedded some Twitch streams below that you might enjoy. First up is StreamerHouse, who's been streaming to 14,000 viewers all morning. Following that is itsDatto, a Destiny-focused streamer with nearly 5,000 current viewers. Obviously, neither of them have managed to complete the raid as of publish.

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