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Reggie Fils-Aime yells at pancakes, announces Super Smash Club Canada

In a bizarre, 5-minute long "special announcement" on EPN's Twitch channel this morning, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime posed with maple syrup and announced the Super Smash Club for Canadian Super Smash Bros. players.

The most notable element of the announcement (with all respect to Canadian Super Smash Bros. fans) is how playful it is. The plot of the video is delightful: a hockey player comes in to Fils-Aime's office, sporting a stack of pancakes and a massive jug of maple syrup, which inspires Reggie to invite Canadian players to the fray. Of course it does!

This isn't the first time Nintendo has put Fils-Aime in an (intentionally) goofy situation to announce a product or service. At Nintendo's digital event released during E3 of this year, Reggie was turned into a Robot Chicken character.

Fils-Aime has come a long way from, say, E3 2007's ultra-serious announcement of the Wii Wheel. Goofy Reggie is the best Reggie.

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