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A game that explores the lives of the queer & hurt

Indie game developer Arielle Grimes has released BrokenFolx, a tiny, tender game about "the lived experiences of individuals who are Queer."

BrokenFolx was made for Ruin Jam 2014, a game jam "celebrating the nonexistent demise of video games," and inspired by the current climate and a blog post by indie developer Arden. It ran from Sept. 1-14. The jam was intended to be a playful, safe space for creators to experiment with ideas off the beaten path and titles that explored social justice themes.

BrokenFolx features four short vignettes based around the experiences of coming out, dealing with sexual harassment in the workplace, and difficult living situations. I won't spoil anything, but be aware that the game carries a content warning for homophobic slurs, misgendering, victim blaming and mention of sexual harassment.

It's simple, free and only takes a few moments to complete. While the experience is short, it's memorable, heartbreaking and ultimately uplifting.

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