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The harshest Destiny criticism is coming from a parody Twitter account

So the loot drops in Destiny are, to put it kindly, kind of hard to understand. When you reach level 20 and are forced to grind for objects with higher amounts of "light" in order to continue to advance in level this aspect of the game gets even more annoying.

The "Legendary Engram" parody twitter account does a better job of explaining the rage and frustration that comes from the game's loot better than anything else online so far.

An Engram, in case you haven't played, is a dropped object that must be decoded before you know what it is. It could be something great, or it could be worthless. It's usually the latter. Here are some of the best tweets from the account, in no particular order. Enjoy!

The entire account is comedy gold, if you're a Destiny player with a good sense of humor and a whole lot of patience.

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