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P.T. concept demo features crazed toys, monsters

During the Tokyo Game Show today, Hideo Kojima and team showed off the concept video for P.T.Silent Hills' playable teaser.

The chat is in Japanese, but any viewer can clearly see the surreal early concept for P.T.'s horrors. It appears to take place in a house's hallways, just like the finished product. But unlike the more subtly horrifying effect of changing things ever-so-slightly with every "loop" around the house, the demo has decapitated heads screaming and oozing insects, bug-covered walls, horrifying living toys and a much ghastlier monster/apparition that presumably became the ghostly "Lisa" in the finished game.

It also begins with a rather striking image:

P.T. Head gif

P.T. was released as a free game (really a teaser for the upcoming Silent Hills) on the PlayStation network this August. Silent Hills is due out in 2015.

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