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Kojima is getting into the clothing business with The Metal Gear Collection

Konami will begin introducing a clothing line based on the Metal Gear franchise, it was revealed during today's stage presentation of Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain at TGS.

The new Metal Gear Collection 2014 clothing line is aimed at both men and women and extends to shoes and accessories. Likewise, the franchise-influenced line is largely camouflage-focused and features the Foxhound logo.

Also shown off today was a new Metal Gear Solid 5 edition PlayStation 4, new Snake figure, the iDroid phone case and a posable replica of Snake's prosthesis.


The Metal Gear Collection 2014 was first teased by Hideo Kojima on his Twitter account earlier this month with the release of an image of the Collection's title alongside the Kojima Productions logo.

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