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PlayStation Now open beta hits PS3 today

PlayStation 3 owners will be able to start streaming games through PlayStation Now later today, when the service's open beta launches on the console in North America, Sony announced today.

PlayStation Now on the PS3 will be available in "mainland U.S. and parts of Canada," according to Sony. The company launched the open beta on PlayStation 4 at the end of July, and the service currently offers more than 150 games. Sony said today that Infamous, God of War: Ascension and Ultra Street Fighter 4 will soon join the PlayStation Now game library.

Pricing varies for the titles available on PlayStation Now, with the cost of the cheapest option, a four-hour rental, often ranging from $2.99 to $4.99. There aren't any free games with which players can test the service — check out this opinion piece on why that's a problem. Sony said today it is "still working towards a PS Now subscription option." To see how PlayStation Now works, watch the video walkthrough below.

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