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The million players of Crusader Kings 2 are playing A LOT of Crusader Kings 2

Crusader Kings 2, a flagship title from the Swedish strategy game maker Paradox Interactive, has sold over 1 million copies.

It took more than two years to get there. And yes, that number is spread across Linux, Mac and Windows PC. But just listen to these numbers:

Sales of DLC and expansions are over 7 million units.

The game — a hardcore, narrative dynastic simulation set in historical Europe — is played by 12,500 people every day. That's roughly 100,000 sessions each month.

Finally, the average Crusader Kings 2 player has clocked over 99 hours.

The first Crusader Kings was a game that almost sank Paradox. Not because it wasn't a good game, but because Paradox's publisher went out of business just as it was about to be released.

From Polygon's feature, Solving Paradox: How the historical strategy game maker stayed alive.

In 2004 Paradox Interactive's main sales channel to the United States disappeared, and along with it went two months of revenue.

"They owed us a lot of money," Wester says. "Almost 20 percent of our yearly revenue."

Wester had experience in customer service. He knew that if CK pre-orders didn't make it to customers on time, he could lose the trust of fans and torpedo the future hopes of the then year-old company.

And so began a crunch period unlike anyone at Paradox had ever experienced. Wester spent three weeks setting up an online portal where customers could order games, and then started looking for partners for packaging and shipping. The best he could find was $2 per box, but it was still more than the company could afford.

"So we packed 4,000 boxes in a week," Wester says. "We went after work to our warehouse and each packed boxes by hand for three hours."

Crusader Kings 2's latest expansion, Charlemagne, will be coming soon.

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