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D4's 'Clam Chowder' scene is like a bonkers episode of 'Seinfeld'

D4's "Clam Chowder" scene is like staring into the mouth of madness, and also, that mouth is full of piping-hot clam chowder.

There is nothing about the scene that isn't batshit silly. You're dining with your former partner and Amanda, a time-traveling cat-woman. (Or woman-shaped cat? It is ... unclear.) Your partner is describing his marital troubles, which stem from an argument about which region's cream-based seafood soup is the best soup. The conversation is infinitely trivial, and profoundly reminiscent of the tone of Seinfeld — but, like, an alt-universe Seinfeld, in which George is capable of unhinging his jaw and swallowing ten whole slices of pizza like a goddamned boa constrictor.

You can find the scene in the prologue of D4, which launched on Xbox One this morning; or you can watch the scene in its entirety above. It's technically classified as an optional case, so I guess you could consider this video a walkthrough? Here's a clue to help you solve this mystery: Clam chowder.

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