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'Are Video Games Sexist' rebuttal song makes the world better

Musician Jonathan Mann has just posted an auto-tuned rebuttal song to Dr. Christina Hoff Sommers' video about whether video games are sexist.

Mann goes through the video, auto-tuning Dr. Sommers' voice and setting the whole thing to music. Point-by-point, he addresses and dismantles her arguments, which, as we pointed out earlier today, are full of ad hominem attacks, false equivalencies and other logical problems. Mann does it with undeniable style.

"Ad hominem," he croons, after Sommers makes a cheap shot at "hipsters with degrees in cultural studies." Later in the song, he responds to Sommers "critique" with "So you're saying games are sexist, and that boys will be boys. Well, me? I want more choice."

To the most dangerous element of Sommers' video — her implication that there's no danger in the abuse and threats that women have received online — Mann shows a number of real-life tweets making rape and death threats at women online. Harmless and smart, they are not.

It's a fabulous (and catchy!) video that highlights everything wrong with Sommers' flawed, irresponsible reasoning.

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