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Honey, Madden shrunk the linebacker in its greatest glitch of all time

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

The notorious, hilarious and every other -ious "Tiny Titan" glitch discovered in Madden NFL 15 appears to have been fixed. But you can still remember the good times with all the videos, Vines and pics that went around yesterday.

Even if you don't know football, you know that having a 1-foot-2 linebacker running around, high-fiving teammates, and literally grabbing a runner's ankle and holding on for dear life is straight-up funny. It appears to have been caused by, of all things, a typographical error.

Christian Kirksey is the victim here; the linebacker for the Cleveland Browns is 6-2 in real life, but was 1-foot-2 on the Tennessee Titans roster in the "Pre-season Rookie All-Stars" weekly challenge currently being offered in Madden Ultimate Team. I checked this morning and he's playing at the proper height.

But there was plenty of visual evidence showing Tiny Titan in action yesterday. Many of these photos come from (or were retweeted by) Steve Noah, the founder and honcho of the sports video game community Operation Sports, who was "legit crying" with laughter as he faced Kirksey yesterday.

YouTuber Shake4ndBake compiled the the video at the top showing Kirksey giving 110 percent at 19 percent of his IRL height. The high five at 1:29 is outstanding. You can almost see No. 30 on the 49ers laughing as he runs by.

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