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Arcades in movies supercut is breezy, fabulously coiffed

The Huffington Post has just posted a supercut on its Movie Mashups YouTube channel, highlighting the way arcades were portrayed in films from 1975-1994.

Set to the beat of The Sweethearts "Burnin Through The Nite," the cut is a glorious whirlwind of pixelated shooters, fabulous feathered hair, and nail-biting, joystick-gripping moments of drama. Of course, Marty's epic shootout from Back to the Future Part Two is in there. As is RoboCop's trip to a local arcade.

But there are moments from lesser-mined pop culture artifacts, such as Brendan Fraiser's caveman from Encino Man enjoying electronic entertainment for the first time, and Hulk Hogan beating an arcade game so hard it raises a white flag in Suburban Commando.

Also worth noting are the many scenes where a player is physically transported into/transformed somehow by a game. This used to be a regular trope, in the days before Oculus Rift and functional VR.

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