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Dinosaur survival game The Stomping Land quietly pulled from Steam Early Access

The Stomping Land, the multiplayer survival game set in a world filled with dinosaurs, is no longer available for sale on Steam, where it had been available as an Early Access game since May. Developer SuperCrit has been largely silent about both the game's removal and its ongoing development.

SuperCrit raised more than $110,000 through Kickstarter last year to fund development of The Stomping Land. The developer delivered an early version of the game to backers in May and began sales via Early Access shortly after. Then, after a development update that set an expectation for weekly updates on The Stomping Land, its lead developer — Alex "Jig" Fundora — went silent.

The developer hasn't said much about the game since its Early Access launch, when Fundora said the studio was in "full force" development and faced "a long road of development still ahead for The Stomping Land." The game's Facebook page and Twitter account have been pretty quiet since then, with the developer tweeting followers to say he was dealing with some personal matters that resulted in slowed updates. Currently, SuperCrit's official website appears slightly broken.

Fundora told Kotaku in August that The Stomping Land was still in development, despite a lack of communication and updates, and was transitioning to a new game engine.

"The game is being moved to Unreal Engine 4 to take advantage of technical and creative opportunities," Fundora said, adding that the transition "has put a bit of more work on my plate."

SuperCrit's more recent silence on the status of The Stomping Land may be due to the fact that its public relations contact, Lee Fisk, no longer works for the studio. Fisk previously provided updates to the community through the game's community hub on Steam.

The Stomping Land may still be in development, as the team has been uncommunicative in the past, but backers and early buyers have started asking for refunds, believing the game to be dead. Fundora and SuperCrit haven't responded to multiple email requests for comment.

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