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Destiny's average playtime lasts 3 hours — 4 hours on weekends, says Bungie

Despite a disappointed critical receptionDestiny still figures to be a popular game, with players logging average play sessions of three hours, and four hours if they're playing on weekends.

Those numbers come courtesy of Bungie's latest weekly update, but they also come during the first week of play. No Metacritic-cited review was published on Destiny's Sept. 9 launch (owing to the game's servers not activating until the day before) and many came a week later.

At any rate, the first week saw a billion deaths in Destiny's player-versus-player Crucible mode, and more than 100 million hours played, a figure cited by publisher Activision when it touted the $325 million that gamers spent buying the game in week one.

Elsewhere in the update, a player asked if the Tower, the central hub of the game, would "be opened up more" in future updates. "Yes," Bungie replied. "And soon."

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