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New gameplay trailer shows the vision of ultra-purist FPS Toxikk

Toxikk, the upcoming first-person arena shooter that "plays as if today's military shooters never existed," revealed itself last month with a series of beauty shots taken from its alpha stage. Now, developer Reakktor Studios is ready to show a proper gameplay trailer.

The three-minute trailer distills Toxikk's hardass ethos: no regenerating health, no loadouts and, like a teacher on Saturday, no classes. It also introduces the difference between the "Classic Maps" the game will offer, which are smaller and don't have vehicles; and "Massive Maps" which are larger and do.

Development of Toxikk is so far being funded with pre-orders, in packages that range from $5 to $90. Reakktor plans to put Toxikk into a closed beta through Steam Early Access sometime in the last three months of this year.

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