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Heroes of the Storm is going to wipe your progress one last time

Blizzard confirms it is resetting servers for Heroes of the Storm for the last time, which will result in the loss of any current progress in-game.

In a post on, Blizzard notes that the Heroes of the Storm online store will go offline starting today, after which point all alpha hero characters will be free-to-play for one week. After that, the game will go offline "for more than a week of extended maintenance," and all accounts will be reset.

"Once the Nexus is brought back online, it will be as though you're starting fresh with a brand new account. This means that any leveling progression you've made, rewards you've unlocked, in-game Gold you've earned, and any purchases you've made with real-money or Gold prior to the wipe will be reset," reads a statement from the company.

Likewise, any real money spent in the game will be refunded and those who spent money will receive an exclusive Wonder Billie Mount as a reward.

"This is the final planned Heroes of the Storm account wipe and monetary refund. Our goal is to avoid future player and hero progression wipes after we come back online, but we may still need to adjust or wipe player progression with future updates," Blizzard added.

Heroes of the Storm is currently in its final phase of technical alpha, with no exact date announced for its full release.

Check out our interview with the team behind Heroes, on how it evolved from a simple Starcraft 2 mod.

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