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EA begins patching back in missing NHL 15 features

The first in a series of major content updates adding features back in to NHL 15 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One released last night, EA Sports announced.

The patch returns a tournament Playoff Mode to the main game, a coach who grades your player's performance in the Be A Pro career mode, and the naming of Three Stars at the end of all games in all modes.

All three of these features are in NHL 14 and NHL 15 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Additionally, Hockey Ultimate Team's menus have received new layouts and improved navigations, including visual cues that help players identify which members of their team are injured or who are running out of playing time.

An October update is planned; it will deliver Online Team Play, also present in the previous-generation version of the game, and it will introduce an amateur draft to the Be a GM career mode. The draft is currently simulated in Be a GM.

NHL 15 received remarkably poor scores from reviewers for the lack of features the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version has compared to previous editions in the well regarded sports series. Polygon graded NHL 15 a 5.5, calling it "a colossal disappointment, and a major misstep for the series' first outing on a new generation of consoles."

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