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Explore real-life Westeros in 'Game of Thrones' tours

Making a savvy marketing ploy, Discover Northern Ireland, the region's official tourism site, is promoting Game of Thrones tours for fans to check out the real-life locations featured on the HBO series.

Many of the exterior scenes and establishing shots for the series were shot in the region, which closely resembles the geography, architecture and weather of Westeros.

Want to check out the real-life location of Winterfell? That'd be Castle Ward, which boasts 820 acres of demesne landscape, "the spectacular house, an exotic sunken garden and a haunting woodland." You could check out Dragonstone, or even the Stormlands (in real life: Cushendun Caves), where Melisandre gives birth to an unholy beast. I mean, if that's your thing.

The site provides key information and links to the various monuments, parks and tourist areas, along with famous scenes from the show that were shot there. If you wanted, you could totally dress up and say, skip down the King's Road or drink from an oversized chalice while walking around Riverrun. There are organized tours as well, and even cycling tours for those without horses.

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