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Check out Lionhead's cool (but canceled) adventure game InkQuest

Fable developer Lionhead Studios was working on a lovely looking adventure game called InkQuest, a story about a girl who finds herself trapped in a book called the Inkwell, and attempts to escape a world of words. Unfortunately, it appears the game won't be seeing the light of day.

Originally conceived at a Lionhead Creative Day — the studio's brand of game jam — last year, InkQuest is "part magical map, part audio book, part adventure game" and, according to a post on Lionhead Studios' website, developed into a prototype. The game idea was fostered by Lionhead Incubation, a department formed in 2013 with the intention to turn ideas into "groundbreaking games, large or small."

"We explored worlds made entirely from words and investigated different ways of telling stories within them," Lionhead says. "We explored various art styles and developed some amazing technology for a kind of artist's 'performance capture' — capturing and replaying our artist's creative process."

The game didn't go into full production, but you can see what InkQuest could have been in the trailer below.

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