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World of Warcraft will soon let you revive your deleted characters — with a few exceptions

World of Warcraft players will be able to recall characters they've deleted, thanks to an upcoming patch set to release before expansion Warlords of Draenor, Blizzard announced today.

Players can only use this feature once every 30 days. Undeleted characters will be revived with all of their enchantments, gems and items "fully intact."

"You'll be able to get back into action right away, and your character won't remember being deleted — we won't tell, either," the post reads.

However, there are some exceptions. Players cannot undelete characters under level 10 or Death Knights at level 55. Characters between level 10 and level 29 are gone for good after 90 days, while characters between levels 30 and 49 disappear after 120 days.

Any character level 50 or above (with the aforementioned Death Knight exception) can be undeleted at any time.

"We'll be holding deleted character names for a limited time, and the original creator can reclaim it for use on a new character during that time," the post reads. "If you create a new character with the same name as one of your deleted characters (let's say Flugur), the new character must be renamed, transferred, or deleted to complete the restoration of the original Flugur."

World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor launches Nov. 13. In a recent interview with Polygon, the developer said the expansion may break certain elements of the game, but that it's important to "continually add fresh things and break our own rules occasionally."

Blizzard's followup to World of Warcraft, a massive project known as Titan, was confirmed as canceled earlier this week.

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