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'Jupiter Ascending' trailer is gorgeous, over-the-top

The new international trailer for the Wachowski siblings' (The Matrix, Cloud Atlas) Jupiter Ascending has all the trappings of an expensive sci-fi epic. There are aliens. There are space battles. There are crazy-looking arial shots of impossibly beautiful extraterrestrial settlements. And there are insane fashion choices.

But the coolest part? The fact that the protagonist is a woman, in a subversion of the usual "chosen one" trope in action sci-fi. Typically, the "chosen one" is a boy or young man. See: Harry Potter, Star Wars, the Wachowski's own The Matrix, and countless other sci-fi mega-blockbusters.

The plot centers on Jupiter Jones (Mila Kunis), a janitor who finds out she's actually interstellar royalty with special powers. And Channing Tatum plays her part-wolf super soldier bodyguard. Because of course he does.

It will be interesting to see the trope gender-swapped in the context of a movie this big.

Jupiter Ascending is scheduled for release on Feb. 6, 2015.

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