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Police department says it captured ghost on surveillance video

Turns out Fatal Frame, Luigi's Mansion, P.T. and the like may not be as fanciful as some of us thought. A New Mexico police department is going on the record to say that they believe their surveillance camera captured video of a ghost walking through the department's secure sally port. And I do mean through.

In the video, shown below, you can see what appears to be a semi-transparent object walk across the parking lot of the Espanola, New Mexico police department's sally port and straight through a chainlink fence.

The area, we're told, is completely secure. The only way out involves opening a massive gate which would sound alarms if not opened by police personnel.

The relatively new police department is not, the news reporter assures us, built on an "ancient burial ground," so I guess poltergeist are right out. And no inmates have ever died at the police station.

My bet is on something really close to the lens working its way across the view, but hey, it could be a ghost too!

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