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Waffles are great. Waffles with pixel art are better

It's time to think about waffles.

I know this is something we all go through on a Friday afternoon, the perfect time for waffles, but the way we've been making waffles has been all wrong and we didn't even know it. The waffle itself is characterized by the pits that cover its surface; this is one how keeps the butter, syrup and everything else held in one place because you eat it.

But what if each of those pits was thought of as a pixel? Then you have something special.

waffle 2

I'm not sure how workable the idea of a pixel art waffle iron could be in practice &dmash; I'm cautious about using a silicone surface to get a nice brown on your waffle — but the ability to create a breakfast that stars any pixel art creation you can fit into a nine by nine grid is hard to pass up.

Creating pixel art in a tight space is more difficult than you may think, but the upside is the fact you get to practice an interesting skill and cover your mistakes with whipped cream and nuts, which is a sentence I didn't think I'd get a chance to type today.

You can support the project and it could be made into a real product, but realistically this is probably more of a neat concept that will never see production. I'm just happy we're sitting here together, talking about waffles.

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