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FIFA's ban of chompy striker Suárez applies to video game, too

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Luis Suárez, last seen gnawing on an Italian footballer's shoulder during the World Cup, is the latest athlete to get a comprehensive ban from a video game while he serves a suspension in real life. He's nowhere to be found in FIFA 15.

As noted by Eurogamer, taking over FC Barcelona as a manager in the game's career mode immediately serves you with a note from the club's board that Suárez is unavailable until Oct. 26, same as real life. That's not so bad, as Barça already are are a five-star club, second only to rival Real Madrid in combined team ratings.

On the Transfer Market in FIFA Ultimate Team, however, Suárez is listed in the search menu but returns no items. That's because he isn't in the population of more than 15,000 players. You can still play with him on Barcelona in the basic play-now mode (Kick-Off) but if the Match Day Experience option is on, he'll be listed among the reserves and shown as suspended - though he may be substituted into the lineup pre-game.

Suárez, the Uruguyan striker, went al dente on Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini during the two sides' group-stage match in the 2014 World Cup back in June. It was the third time Suárez chowed down on an opponent, with the previous two incidents resulting in 7- and 10-game bans. This one got him a nine-match ban in international competition, and a four-month total ban on any football activity. On appeal he was allowed to practice with his new club, and participate in their friendly matches, though the latter is not possible in FIFA 15's career mode.

He's the latest high profile athlete to get some sort of noteworthy video game ban. This spring, baseball player Alex Rodriguez was suspended for the entire season for his role in a doping scandal; MLB 14 The Show was obligated to remove him from the New York Yankees' lineup and placed him in a minor league affiliate on the official roster.

Then this month, NFL running back Ray Rice was suspended indefinitely and released by his team for his role in the domestic violence scandal now roiling the league. Rice was completely pulled from all modes of Madden NFL 15 including retroactively replacing his Madden Ultimate Team presence with a generic running back under a different uniform numeral.

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