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The Crew's closed beta for consoles begins Sept. 30

Following a closed beta on PC over the summer, MMO racer The Crew will stage one for consoles beginning on Tuesday. It's invitation only, but developer Ivory Tower is offering the means of requesting a bid.

To do so, visit this site and choose the platform, PS4 or Xbox One (it appears Xbox 360 won't be included in this beta.) Those who are successful will get a download code for the beta client in a few days.

The beta will offer the entire United States map present for the full game, with all of the missions in the Midwest region, all of the skill challenges in Midwest and East Coast, and free roam available in the rest of the nation. PvP lobbies for the Midwest and East Coast also will be available. That comprises 30 missions, 200 skill challenges and 6,200 miles of road in all.

As for vehicles, Ivory Tower isn't saying exactly what from from the fleet will be offered, but there will be Street and Dirt specs to enhance their performance in street races and offroad races.

The Crew launches on Nov. 11 for PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. For more on The Crew and what its PC closed beta had to offer, see Polygon's overview video from July and our preview from E3 2014.

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