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This new Destiny bug hints at what you'll be playing next

A bug in the newly launched Bungie release Destiny has reportedly revealed a whole lot of upcoming content, according to a number of users  in particular YouTuber Kinsey_92.

A video uploaded by the gamer introduces the bug which appeared to affect the map screen following a patch to Destiny over the weekend. Moving the cursor over certain planets resulted in the message "requirements not met" and "expansions required," both of which appeared during Destiny's alpha and beta periods when locked out of the game's primary mission.

The bug seemingly leaked a number of incoming story missions, strikes, raids and Crucible content under the name of two planned expansions: The Dark Below and House of Wolves.

A list of this informations has been compiled by Reddit user KilledbyDice which you can check out here. It's worth noting that all content listed has already been included in the Destiny datamine service DestinyTracker.

Polygon has reached out to Activision for additional information.

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