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Dolphin Up swimming onto Wii U

One of the most surreal and bizarrely addictive games of the past decade is making its way to the Wii U. Alan Rawkins of Rawkins Games says that mobile release Dolphin Up (a beefed-up port of Flash hit Dolphin Olympics 2) is under review by Nintendo and should come to the console in the next month or two. You can see a clip of the new version above.

In Dolphin Up, players steer a lightning-fast, hyper-acrobatic dolphin as it performs tricks so rad that they're able to propel the mammal into the deepest reaches of space, wherein it can perform tailslides on stardust. (It's basically indistinguishable from watching Planet Earth.) The Wii U version will feature new content not seen in the mobile version and leaderboards.

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