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Watch Dogs: Bad Blood DLC lets you hack as T-Bone on Sept. 30

Bad Blood, a new downloadable add-on for Ubisoft's open-world hacker adventure game Watch Dogs, is coming later this month, the publisher announced today. In Bad Blood, players will play not as Aiden Pearce, but as another hacker, the eccentric Raymond "T-Bone" Kenney.

T-Bone's skilled with both software and hardware hacking, Ubisoft says on its UbiBlog. He "represents the ‘maker culture' of hacking" which manifests in T-Bone's playable sidekick Eugene, a small remote-controlled car. Eugene serves as a portable hacking device as well as a weapon; T-Bone can fashion a stun gun attachment or turn the RC car into a bomb.

Bad Blood will also introduce armed security cameras. Those surveillance devices can be hacked by T-Bone and used as weapons to kill enemies remotely. The add-on also includes newly playable areas of Chicago and a lighter overall mood — Ubisoft describes the campaign as "raucously fun."

Watch Dogs: Bad Blood will feature 10 new missions and a new Street Sweep mode with dynamic side missions that can be played solo or cooperatively.

Bad Blood is part of Watch Dogs' season pass. Players who have purchased the season will get access to the game Sept. 23, while everyone else can play starting Sept. 30.

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