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Of course you need to buy a bunch of 'Pacific Rim' props, don't be silly

Pacific Rim is a goofy yet enjoyably earnest look at a possible future where giant mechs beat the living snot out of monsters from another dimension. It is, in dry critical language, some wicked shit. The movie went on to make $411 million on a $190 million budget, which was enough to get the studio to greenlight a sequel.

And now you can own a piece of the original film.

Some props from the film are being auctioned and, while things like the helmet pictured at the top of this article may cost you a good amount of money, you can pick up a stunt basketball for a good price. Or maybe you want to cosplay as a member of Gypsy Danger's ground crew? Or perhaps you'd just like a bit of Kaiju in a jar?

The auction is filled with fun facts, such as how they made the Kaiju guts. "The cylindrical jar is made of glass and features a glass lid," the listing reads. "Inside is a piece of plastic that has been melted to look like guts and tissue."

There is a bunch of neat stuff, and some very cool pieces are going for a very reasonable amount of money. The auction will continue until Sept. 9.

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