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Velocity 2X is as brutal as you want it to be

Velocity 2X can be a challenging shoot-em-up/platformer hybrid, or a madness-inducing score chase, depending on how you want to play it.

If you just want to play through the title and enjoy its brisk pace, clever teleportation mechanics and rewarding, fluid locomotion — go for it! And good for you, being able to play games in such a healthy manner. Now, for the rest of us: You're going to replay each level dozens of times, trying to chase down every crystal, every survivor and every enemy under par time. This isn't up for debate. I expect a dozen perfected levels on my desk by noon.

Check out the Overview above to watch Chris Plante and I fly, shoot and jog our way through a few areas in Velocity 2X, lamenting every single point we miss along the way.

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