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Watch us race heavy armor in World of Tanks' new Rally mode

World of Tanks is, in some ways, a first-person shooter for aging gamers like myself. Sure, plenty of young people play the game too, but the particular draw some see in this armored warfare game is that it progresses at a speed we can still manage to keep up with.

But starting today, a temporary new mode sort of negates the plodding traditional speed of the game for super fast tanking. Tank Rally mode offers tankers a chance to speed around a track while shooting at one another in an attempt to either wipe out the other team or capture the base at the end of the race first.

It's a lot more fun than it may sound. The racing missions went live early this morning and will be available, using the free Chaffee Sport tank, until the morning of Oct. 13.

Now come watch this livestream of me failing to both race properly and fire a gun properly, all while accidentally annoying my teammates. We'll replace the stream with a video once we're done playing for the day:

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