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Bayonetta 2 Easter egg is an amazing ode to Star Fox

Bayonetta 2, Platinum Games Wii U-exclusive sequel, already includes a nod to classic Nintendo heroes such as Link and Fox McCloud. But an Easter egg found within the game pays more than just a small tribute to iconic series Star Fox.

YouTube user Maximilian Dood posted a video of his discovery, which is nothing short of awesome. Watch the video above to see it — but beware of spoilers, obviously.

Earlier this month, Platinum Games revealed a Nintendo-themed wardrobe for Bayonetta, including costumes based on Princess Peach and Metroid's Samus. The original Bayonetta also included references to several old Sega titles, such as Spacer Harrier and After Burner.

Bayonetta 2 launches for Wii U Oct. 24. The game is already out in Japan.

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