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The Big Lebowski pinball table, it's real and it's spectacular

New details about The Big Lebowski pinball machine has been a long time coming — so long that the weaker-willed among pinball enthusiasts might have started to wonder if this promised officially licensed pin was ever going to happen.

But earlier this week, Dutch Pinball put all of those concerns to rest with a launch party for the game at Cafe Lebowski in the Netherlands, showing off not one, but two prototypes. And what beauties they are.

Everything from the bowling lane lower playfield to the faux life-sized White Russian mounted next to the launcher is meticulously crafted. This is a game created by artists with a love of pinball and not a little adoration of Jeff Bridges' Dude.

There's plenty to see on the playfield too. There's the bumpers modelled after the bra Julianne Moore wears in one of The Dude's fantasy scenes, there's the tiny modeled garage with working door and, my personal favorite: a rug center shot.

"The rug is a moveable barrier which move backwards to reveal more of the rug as the shot is repeatedly hit," reports Pinball News. "Unrolling the rug really pulls the room together and starts one of the modes featured below."


Check out all of the pinball's details over on the official site where you can also order the $8,500 table for a Q2 2015 release. Then hop over to Pinball News for a lot more details about the launch party and tons of pics.

If you're a fan of the movie (who isn't?) and love pinball (you'd be crazy not to), you should probably start figuring what you can sell to pull in that kind of cash because this pinball machine abides.