Your guide to the big games of fall

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Fall is the time when video games come out to play; lots of them. Here's your guide to the big games of the next few months...

This year, 12 months following the arrival of two new consoles, there's no shortage of options likely to put some pressure on your time and your pocketbook.

And as well as the usual array of franchises, licenses and series', game publishers and developers are also aware that with a new generation of hardware comes expectations of new franchises, and so we have the likes of Destiny, The Evil Within and Sunset Overdrive looking to make their mark.

A few notes: This is a selection of games. We have only included games with solid release dates. Many indie games do not announce release dates until close to launch. We have passed on annualized sports franchises, re-issues and expansions. Feel free to add any games you feel ought to be mentioned, in comments...