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Destiny's Vita-specific controls allow you to play from bed with ease

Destiny is coming next week, and Sony is enjoying some timed exclusive content as well as offering the ability to play the game using your Vita, if you'd like to step away from your PlayStation 4 and television.

Bungie has, in fact, optimized the game's controls for the Vita, allowing you use the touch screen to melee attack, throw a grenade, or summon your Ghost. Sony has released a video showing these remote play features in action.

"One of the things we noticed during the week of the Destiny Beta was that a lot of PS4 owners were streaming Destiny to their PS Vitas via Remote Play," The official post on the PlayStation Blog stated. "In fact, Destiny was the No. 1 title for Remote Play during the entire month of July, racking up the most Remote Play sessions of any PS4 title."

Being able to level up your Guardian from bed is a pretty solid selling point. You can see the full control scheme for the Vita below.

Destiny Vita controls

Don't expect any early reviews of Destiny from us, but we'll be playing just as soon as servers open on Monday, so expect some quick looks at the game before the review goes live at a later date.

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