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What does $150 get you in Destiny's Ghost Edition?

We're still a few days away from the release of Bungie's new online-focused shooter Destiny, but Activision shipped out copies to press yesterday. One of the copies we received was the Ghost Edition, which costs a steep $149.99 and is currently sold out at GameStop, Amazon and Best Buy, among other retailers.

So what does that cool $150 net you? We opened up our copy and took some pictures to find out.

First, the big box itself is pictured up top. I've put my hands in here for comparison. To give exact numbers, it's about 13 inches in width and length, and about 10 inches tall. That's a lot of box!

Destiny unboxing 02

The back of the box lists some spoilers for what you're going to find inside. Read at your own risk! Also note that tear in the upper left corner. Careful when removing or replacing the cardboard sleeve on this box. It's very fragile.

Destiny unboxing 03

Here's the box minus said cardboard sleeve. It's actually a very sturdy, high-quality bit of packaging.

Destiny unboxing 04

As soon as you open the box, you're greeted by this odd shape. If you played the Destiny alpha or beta, you might recognize this little creation.

Destiny unboxing 05

Here's the little robot companion in full. This is probably the most expensive part of the package and a hefty chunk of that $150 price tag. On the back of the robot is a little switch. Here's what happens when you flick it on:

Destiny unboxing 06

The robot springs to life, complete with lights and voice. When I first turned it on, it informed me I would need better gear to proceed, "including pants. Definitely pants." I haven't been able to confirm if these are direct lines from Peter Dinklage's role as Ghost in Destiny, but it sure sounds like it.

Destiny unboxing 07

Underneath the robot body, we've got two separate booklets. Let's take a look at the one on the left first.

Destiny unboxing 08

Ah, crap, this one's just a game. Nothing to see here. In all seriousness, it's worth noting that the Ghost Edition comes with a code for the first two Destiny expansion packs. The first of those add-ons is already scheduled for December.

Destiny unboxing 09

The other booklet is actually more of a folder, with one half containing some loose files and the other containing an actual book titled "Arms and Armament."

Destiny unboxing 10

The book features a lot of cool concept art as well as bits of lore about the weaponry, space armor and factions of Destiny's sci-fi universe.

Destiny unboxing 11

On the other side of that booklet, there's a letter introducing incoming players to the world of Destiny, as well as postcards from some of the far-flung locations you'll be visiting on your journey.

Destiny unboxing 12

Also included on that side of the booklet is this cool star map that was hard to get a good picture of. In the lower left-hand side of the map, one of the phrases from the above letter is reprinted: "These worlds were once ours."

Destiny unboxing 13

Finally, buried below everything else is this little brown folder.

Destiny unboxing 14

Packed inside the folder are a few more goodies: a patch, a sticker, a photo of an astronaut on some moonscape and two negatives of...something dark and mysterious. There are probably some hints about what's waiting in Destiny's story here.

All in all, this is a pretty cool package. Worth $150? I'll let you decide.

While we have our copy of Destiny in hand now, we won't actually be able to jump into the game until the servers go live on Monday. Check back then; we'll be streaming our time with the game as we play it for review.

Ed's note: Review copies are not kept by the reviewer in question. They are considered property of Polygon. When Phil is done playing Destiny for review, he will be putting this copy of the game where all of our review copies go, in an office where other Polygon employees can check games out as needed for research purposes.

All that said, in some cases we give away special editions to readers or charity upon completion of the review process.

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