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This video shows there's no stopping Tiny Titan, Madden's greatest mistake

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

All that's left for the "Tiny Titan" Christian Kirksey — aka Madden's Littlest Biggest Mistake — is an ESPN 30-for-30 documentary, which EA Sports' latest trailer on his phenomenon attempts to capture.

Kirksey, who makes his NFL debut today, isn't even a (Tennessee) Titan. He's a Cleveland Brown, but he had to wear a Titans shirt because Madden NFL 15 needed to give a uniform to his preseason all-rookie squad in the inaugural weekly challenge for its Ultimate Team mode.

In addition to putting Kirksey in another (crappier) team's uniform, the guy who was keying in his data listed him at 1-foot-2 instead of 6-foot-2. (Though he is also 235 pounds, which would make him about the height and weight of a manhole lid.)

Madden fixed the challenge, but not before everyone and his brother played against Tiny Titan and bombed the Internet with .gifs, .jpgs, Vines and YouTube videos of him. So this weekend, Madden Ultimate Team offered a new one-off challenge that deliberately stuck Kirksey back in the game at his comical height. If you're reading this and want to see him, the Tiny Titan Challenge still is available, just go look for it in the Ultimate Team menu.

Then, following in the tradition of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09's "Jesus Shot" Glitch, and NHL 13's awesome Hercules Check, EA Sports went and made a video yesterday.

Don't let the inspiring soundtrack, the faux-Tom-Rinaldi narrator fool you, and Tiny Titan's 94-overall rating fool you: he can be run over with impunity. I mean, Jesus H. Christ, you have to be objectively terrible at Madden not to beat Cleveland with a 1-foot-2 middle linebacker in their lineup. On rookie mode. You get a special Tiny Titan virtual collectible that you may keep or insta-sell for 1,000 Madden Coins, which go toward buying full-size players in Ultimate Team.

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