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See the player-created madness of the new MMO Archeage

Archeage is a very...different MMO.

Do you want to follow a string of quests, cutting down a specified number of monsters and grinding through levels? Archeage certainly offers that. But it also offers a lot more.

For example, what if you want to take up a quiet life of farming? Or start a massive guild with the end goal of taking over territory and building a huge fortress that will always be under attack? Or craft your own ship, take to the seas and start up a group of pirates that attacks and robs other players unlucky enough to come across your fleet?

All of these are legitimate options in Archeage. It largely eschews the player-versus-environment, roller-coaster focus of most modern massively multiplayer role-playing games, instead offering up a playground that can be shaped by the people playing it.

To help show off the huge number of options available, Trion Worlds lead producer Victoria Voss and associate producer Amanda Fry invited me into the last gasp of Archeage's beta before its upcoming mid-September launch. You can check out my whirlwind tour in the video above.