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'Game of Thrones' star baffled by the NES

Maisie Williams, who plays the feisty badass Arya Stark in Game of Thrones, has guest-starred in a Teens React video wherein she and other teens encounter the Nintendo Entertainment System.

As with so many kids/teens react videos regarding "ancient" technology, it's hysterical, and it will almost certainly make you feel old. Williams is probably the funniest of the bunch, flipping off the system when it doesn't work properly and reacting with genuine shock when she dies at the first Goomba in Super Mario Bros. stage 1-1.

There are a couple of other stand-out kids — a brother/sister pair who respond "the legend of who," when asked if they'd ever heard of the Zelda series, a teen girl who excels "like a pro" at Super Mario Bros. and a young man who praises the NES for it's incredible hipster cred.

One girl even casually mentioned, "I feel like I'm in Wreck-it Ralph," as she began playing 1-1. That's right — a teen is referencing a modern movie that references older video games, while playing one of those older games. Pop culture is weird.

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