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Fibbage is the best Xbox One game you're not playing

from the people that created you don't know jack

If you weren't paying attention last month, you may have completely missed Fibbage. The new release from Jackbox Games, the studio behind the long-running trivia franchise You Don't Know Jack, passed me by completely, and I'm paid to keep up with this stuff. (Of course, I am now in charge of a brand new human child, so anything that isn't fantasizing about sleep and cleaning up vomit is taking a lower mental priority at the moment.)

I've finally rectified my error and have donned my last non-vomit coated shirt to speak about Fibbage in the hopes that you, the people, won't repeat my mistake of missing out on this delightful new party game.

The idea is simple: A piece of trivia is presented that's missing a single word, and between two to eight players secretly punch in a believable answer designed to fool the other players. Once the answers are submitted, each player picks what they believe to be the right answer. The truth is then revealed and points are doled out for players who either got the correct answer or had their bogus fabrication chosen by someone else in the room.


It means having "hairy" buttocks. By the by.

You're probably having a hard time figuring how the game works as I've described, but that's only because you're not privvy to Fibbage's secret weapon: It's not played with controllers.

Instead, every player navigates to the Fibbage site on their smartphone or tablet and enters a four-character code specific to the room they're in. Their phone or tablet then becomes their controller. In fact, once you've booted up Fibbage, you can set the controller aside completely.

What makes Fibbage such a wonderful party game is that the barrier to entry is just so low. You likely have friends and family who are scared off by buttons and thumbsticks, but anybody can text, right? That's about as technologically demanding as Fibbage gets.

It's also all presented by frequent You Don't Know Jack host Cookie, which lends Fibbage much of the signature irreverence and snark of its sister game.

It's a little light on depth, not the sort of thing you'd plan an entire evening around (not that I'm complaining with a $7 price tag). But a few rounds of Fibbage can provide a solid hour of entertainment and plenty of laughs, even for people who'd never dream of picking up a controller.

Fibbage is currently available on Xbox One and Amazon Fire TV.

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