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Finally understand what eSports is all about in this new League of Legends documentary

League of Legends developer Riot Games released the first video in a new three-part series this week, documenting the road to the LoL World Championship.

The first chapter, which you can watch below, follows the highs and lows of League players during the early part of their journey to compete at a professional level and become the world's best League of Legends player at this year's event in Seoul, Korea.

The League of Legends World Championship is an annual tournament broken down into three phases: Regionals, which are made up of six tournaments in total, leading to a round-robin tournament known as Groups which ends with eight teams advancing. This is followed by the pre-eminent phase of Worlds which features a knock-out bracket culminating with the two top teams competing for the Summoner's Cup and $1 million.

This year over $2 million is up for grabs in total, with the remaining $1 million split between second, third and fourth place. Second place winners will walk away with $250,000, while both third and fourth place finishers will receive $150,000.

The second and third chapter of Road to Worlds is scheduled to hit on Sept. 12 and 15, respectively.

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