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What does Apple Watch mean for gaming?

Uhh, not much right now! Sorry, should have saved you a click.

As Apple discussed during today's keynote, there's plenty in the gaming pipeline for iPhone. But Apple was a little less clear about specific gaming applications when it unveiled its new Apple Watch, by which we mean gaming wasn't mentioned. At all. Heck, we didn't even see any icons that looked like games we recognize.


But that doesn't necessarily rule it out! There's a lot of time between now and "early 2015" when Apple expects to ship its Watch. Third-party developers have been given tools — dubbed WatchKit — to develop apps for the Apple Watch, and Apple listed partners like Facebook, Pinterest and even BMW, so we're sure it's just a matter of time until game developers figure out what to do with this thing.

Until then, let's do a little blue-sky solutioneering and create a few gaming applications of our own! Let's see what we've got at our disposal.


Hmm, well, there's the "digital crown," that's the little dial thingy. We've got a button. We've got a tiny touch screen that you can press on. We've got a Vitality Sensor pulse monitor.

Well, this is a toughie, we'll admit it. Nothing's really jumping out at us, but we're sure that — oh, oh, wait, we got it!


Any game that used the Atari PaddlePong? Breakout? Night Driver? With a top-of-the-line dial and a convenient, supple button, Apple Watch will be an ideal home for these classics. You want Kaboom? You got Kaboom.

What's that? Not good enough. OK, fine, that was just our first pass, we're sure we could come up with lots of other stuff. Let's see, what else ... uhh, oh!


Cookie Clicker: While some of the deeper bakery management functionality will be left on the cutting room floor, no device will be a better fit for the core, visceral cookie clicking action of Cookie Clicker than the Apple Watch.

... God, there's gotta be something else. Uhh, what about this?


How Long Can You Hold Your Breath: OK, so it's not a classic video game, but you didn't only want ports, did you? In How Long Can You Hold Your Breath not only can you use the Apple Watch stopwatch to set new personal breath-holding records, you can use the pulse monitor to see what effect depriving yourself of oxygen has on your heart rate. Good luck with copying that, Pebble! (Note, the above is just a prototype, we're presuming you won't have baby spit-up on your shirt when you play.)


NOTE: Don't Be Fooled By Fitness Applications: Listen, a lot of these Apple hippies are going to try to convince you that they've turned fitness into a game using Apple Watch. "Set goals!" they'll say. "Make fitness fun!" they'll add. "Prepare your body for our flesh harvesters which will turn your perfectly toned sinew into cabling for our Apple Goliaths, coming in 2025." Health isn't a game, folks. Not when Apple is coming for your sinew. Stay gelatinous, stay alive.

Well, that's all we've got. What about you?

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